Benefits of HEATSource Technology


HEATSource’s portable, rechargeable power supply and induction heating system will help keep your guests and employees safe and provide cost savings while reducing waste and flammable danger. Safety with cost savings is a win / win for you and your business.

HEATSource Saves You Money

  • Costs 60% less than canned fuel over the cycle life of the battery. Our power supply has a cycle life of 10,000 cycles which equals 20,000 cans of canned fuel.
  • Consider the disposal of 20,000 cans, the cartons that the cans are delivered in and the 40% +/- of unburnt fuel that must be disposed of when using canned fuel.
  • After initial purchase of a HEATSource system, the administrative costs go to “0”.

HEATSource replaces canned fuel

The benefits of induction heaters include…

No flame and the surface of the induction heater is not heated itself.

Induction heaters heat the entire bottom surface of the chafing dish through magnetic induction as opposed to canned fuel with hot spots and scorched food.

The pre-heat time for a chafing dish with an induction heater is 20 – 30 minutes, with canned fuel its about an hour.

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